Mercedes SLC renderings

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Mercedes SLC

The Mercedes SLR is not such a successful model, so the company decided is time to end it and replace it with something better: the future SLC supercar. Being a replica of the original 300 SL with modern mechanicals, the SLC will be built by AMG.

The SLC supercar will use components from the SL65 Black Series, but unlike the SL Black Series, the SLC will use a welded aluminium spaceframe, which will increase the car’s strength but reduce weight.

The SLC will be powered by a new version of the SL65 Black’s twin-turbo 6.2-litre V8 with well over 600bhp. New turbos have allowed AMG to add direct injection to improve economy. The engine will be mated with AMG’s new seven-speed MCT ’box, just launched in the SL63.