SSC Ultimate Aero EV claims 200 mile-range, 10 minute recharging

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SSC Ultimate Aero EV

The unique curves of a supercar tend to attract a lot of attention. But these days, some people are likely to turn away from a sleek and powerful automobile once they learn it guzzles more gasoline than a Hummer. Thankfully, those people are usually the type that can't afford them in the first place. In any case, the real spotlight getters now come with fuel saving efficient power plants. The guys from Silicon Valley kicked off a new trend with the creation of Tesla. Following in the Roadster's footsteps we first saw Ronn Motor Company announce their hydrogen supplemented 40 miles-per-gallon Scorpion HX, and now Shelby Supercars has thrown their hat into the ring. We were first teased with a few specs on an Ultimate EV last July, and now a few more details of the system have been put into words.

The Ultimate Aero EV will feature SSC's newly developed package called the All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP). The system utilizes a lithium battery pack with the ability to charge via a 110-volt outlet in only 10 minutes. The pack, SSC maintains, provides a 150-200 mile range. The Ultimate Aero EV will combine this juice storage with a pair of 500 horsepower electric motors to achieve these claims. It all certainly comes off as a hard pill to swallow, especially since the current necessary to charge a large battery pack at 110-volt in 10 minutes would be massive, to say nothng of dealing with the high heat generated as a result. Perhaps though, the 200 mile range claim comes when the power output is kept at a continually scaled down value. In any case, while the claims sound fantastical, we've had our doubts about SSC before, only to be proven wrong. So here's hoping.


SSC Announces Green Technologies Revealing Revolutionary Battery and Electric Powertrain Technology

West Richland, WA January 21, 2009: Shelby SuperCars (SSC) released the details today of the revolutionary electric vehicle technology to be unveiled in the second quarter of this year. SSC will reveal its innovative all-electric powertrain in the current Ultimate Aero, the Guinness Certified "Fastest Production Car in the World," to create the Ultimate Aero EV and will reinforce the company as a benchmark in the auto industry. But unlike other auto manufacturers, SSC's new technology will set a new standard in the electric car industry - one of 10 minute recharges, super horsepower and ranges of up to 200 miles per charge.

While other auto manufacturers focus on producing Green technology for specific cars, SSC's focus is on producing Green technologies for a wide range of applications for an even wider range of vehicles. SSC's electric powertrain package, named AESP (All-Electric Scalable Powertrain) is unique due to its scalable horsepower, light weight, compact size, quick recharge time and liquid cooling.

SSC's Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Battery pack is rechargeable in only 10 minutes on a standard 110 outlet and has a 150-200 mile range on a single charge. This means that in a typical 8 hour day, the car using this technology could go 200 miles, charge for 10 minutes (the time it typically takes to fill up a tank of gas), then drive 200 more miles, charge for 10 minutes and continue on. Some other EV technologies necessitate an overnight charge creating a class of "commuter electric cars" and are not practical alternatives to gas combustion automobiles.

The AESP's main feature is its scalability. The all-electric SUV or delivery truck is now a reality in the not-so-distant future. The AESP is scalable from 200 horsepower for economy and midsize cars, to 500 horsepower for light trucks and SUVs, and up to 1200 horsepower for delivery trucks, heavy duty equipment, buses and military vehicles. The revolutionary design proves electric-powered vehicles not only match, but also provide more linear power (electric motors have 100% torque at 0 RPM) and overall performance than internal combustion vehicles.

All-electric. No gasoline.

Light weight. Just a fraction of the weight of a standard combustion
engine (<200lbs.)

Extended performance. Internal cooling systems are built into the

Compact size. 1/18 the space of a standard engine; significant increase
in cargo room.

Scalable horsepower. From 200 horsepower (one motor) to 1200 horsepower
(two motors "piggy backed").

Quick recharges. Only 10 minutes on standard 110 outlet.

The current AESP was designed to meet the manufacturing and quality requirements of major automotive manufacturers, transportation operators and the military. SSC will wholesale the AESP to mass production car companies, governments, and to public, private, and niche businesses. Costs for mass-produced units are $5K-$6K per unit for 1000 to 10,000 units (with further reduction in unit cost for increased production.)

SSC's next milestone will be the pursuit of the "World's Fastest Electric Car" with the Ultimate Aero EV later this year.

[Source: Shelby Supercars via Autobloggreen]