Baby Rolls Royce will come to help sales

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Baby Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is currently sealing 2000 units a year; but in the next year they are expected to grow with 25%. The main reason is the strong demand for its Phantom Drophead Coupe which was launched this year. But in the next three years the company wants to double its sales. To do this they will launch a new smaller car towards the end of 2009. Dubbed the baby Rolls, the saloon will be priced at £160,000 to £180,000, which is £70,000 to £90,000 less than the Phantom and in the same price bracket as the Bentley Continental

The company says that it has yet to experience any impact from the credit squeeze. Ian Robertson, Rolls-Royce’s managing director, said that the danger is not so much in the spending power of its customers, who are generally very wealthy, but in sentiment. “In the Florida region, we didn’t sell a car for six or seven weeks after Hurricane Katrina. I think people didn’t feel it was right,” Mr Robertson said.

JD Power, the automotive analysis company, is tipping the top-end luxury market to be weaker next year because of the credit crunch, while 2009 is predicted to be flat and 2010 a year of modest growth. It adds, however, that the market is hugely swayed by new products, because there are relatively few models to buy, so the baby Rolls is expected to be very influential in shaping the market