2008 Abt Audi R8

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Abt Audi R8 2008

Earlier, we showed you the Audi R8 and its mind-boggling specifications. If that was not enough, have a look at what German tuner Abt Sportsline has done.

Abt has only carried out cosmetic changes and the engine was left alone (maybe they were scared to touch it?). They gave the R8 a new sport suspension, a new set of brakes, and 20" wheels and the end product looks stunning.

Externally, carbon fiber skirts and a rear spoiler are the new additions, along with front and rear clips. The front openings are now angled and house colored CF inserts. Matching colored pieces are added to the sideblades and the rear end, too. The rear bumper cover also happens to have a diffuser-style bottom, smaller vents, and diagonal outlets for the exhaust tips.