Bugatti Project Lydia

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Bugatti Project Lydia

Project Lydia-the most powerful and expensive car in the world. But according to MotorTrend, Project Lydia will not happen.

Senior sources within Bugatti parent VW Group have confirmed that an inch-thick dossier on Project Lydia exists, but that the idea was canned last year. It will make no sense for the company to compete with their own models: an even more powerful car will be even more faster than the Veryon!

Instead, the second model Bugatti will be a coupe-like four door with the monster 1001-hp W-16 mounted up front. of course it won’t hit the same 253mph as the Veyron, but considering the twin-turbo W-12 Bentley Continental Flying Spur already nudges 200mph on a clear motorway, at least 220mph would seem a logical target.

Price will be somewhere around $1 million.