Audi R8 Spider

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Audi R8 Spider

The open-top version of the Audi R8 sportscar will be launched next year. It will be offered with a choice of two petrols and a V12 diesel engine, and will be serious competition for Porsche 911. If the R8 Coupe is priced at £78,200, the Spider will cost nearer £85,000.

According to CarMagazine, the roof of the Spider will be a removable targa affair, with detachable panels rather than a canvas hood or folding hard top.

The first choice for the R8 Spider will be the same V8 enginedelivering 414 hp as in the Coupe version. But Audi is also working on a V10 engine (Lambo-based) that will deliver 500 hp. The V12 diesel engine will also join the line-up.

So, the R8 will be offered with three different engines: R8: 414bhp naturally aspirated V8, RS8: 500bhp naturally aspirated V10, R8 TDI: 500bhp twin-turbo V12 turbodiesel and two bodystyles: R8 Coupe from £78,200 and R8 Spyder from £85,000.