2009 Audi RS8 - more info

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2009 Audi RS8

As you already know Audi will launch a V10-powered version of the R8 sports-car. The company has finished the development of the 530 hp V10 engine, but because of the high demand of the regular demand, Audi has pushed back the launch of the car until well into 2009.

The V10 engine will deliver with 110 hp more than the regular version. Compared to the Lamborghini Gallardo, from there the RS8 will borrow the engine, the RS8 will feature more room inside and will have a different price tag.

The RS8 will be just one of the R8 versions that will follow in the near future. First to follow will be a roadster version of the V-8, succeeded by a roadster V-10. For packaging reasons, the R8 roadsters will likely feature a retractable softtop similar to those used on convertible versions of the Gallardo and Ferrari F430.

A V12 diesel version is also under consideration, but Audi engineers are having trouble packaging the particulate trap-required to meet stringent U.S. emissions standards-and the bumper beam needed to meet U.S. crash standards at the rear of the car.