220 MPG Supercar in the works

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220 MPG Supercar

Tesla who?! Forget about it! Hybrid Technologies is working on a new supercar using a gas-electric hybrid engine and that is supposed to hit 220 mpg—minimum.

The car is designed for the Automotive X Prize and will be built in two different versions: a gas-electric hybrid entrant for the contest and an all-electric for production. The company will unveil a prototype version in September.

"We’re looking for this car basically to end up mainstream—not just built for a one-and-done," says project development engineer Ron Cerven. "The X Prize car is going to be the purchasable—obviously a higher-end car, but there might be something else from us in the X Prize."

The all-electric model is aiming for a 150- to 180-mi. range per charge. The future supercar (name is not known yet!) will have the same performances as a Corvette ZR1.

The production version will be unveiled in late 2009, or early 2010