Next Ferrari F430 will use a turbocharged V8

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Next Ferrari F430
Next Ferrari F430

Not many people would have predicted that the Ferrari Enzo would be the guideline for the whole Ferrari line, but it seems the aerodynamic wedge shape will find its way onto the replacement for the F430. Internally known as the F142, the next Ferrari will likely borrow styling cues from the Mille Chili concept and should be revealed in late 2009 or early 2010. The F142 will be lighter than the F430 Scuderia (around 2750 lbs.) and will be powered by a mid-engined turbocharged V8 engine, with small displacement.

A convertible version is set to follow shortly after the coupe’s debut. Taking a cue for the California, it is rumored that Ferrari is working on an ultra-light folding metal roof.