DC Designs creates another Roller atrocity

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DC Designs Ambierod

We don't know how we missed this, but earlier this year DC Designs – the car-creator founded by Dilip Chhabria – unveiled the DC Ambierod at the 2008 New Delhi Auto Expo. The coupe was supposedly inspired by the Hindustan Ambassador, on which the Ambierod is based, and Chhabria wanted to create the Indian equivalent of the Holden Efijy concept from 2005. In short, he failed – hardly a surprise considering the wannabe Roller/350Z and the $375,000 Cayenne coupe that DC concocted in previous years.

If you can avoid dwelling on the Ambierod's awkward ends and bulbous greenhouse, you can enter the plush interior through a set of hydraulically actuated gull-wing doors. The exterior's pseudo-retro theme is dropped in favor of a tech-laden interior, with a handful of LCD screens, a wireless internet connection, multi-colored mood lighting and room for rear-seat occupants, including a foot-rest occupying the space where the front-seat passenger would normally sit.

Production rumors have been circulating since the Ambierod's introduction, but we think that's about as plausible as the coupe's claimed 3.7-second sprint to 60. If the Ambierod does hit the market, expect the V12-powered coupe to crest the $1,000,000 mark.

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