Nissan 370Z slips out ahead of early unveilings

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 11:38 AM

Nissan 370Z

Nissan is planning not one, but two, separate events to reveal the new Nissan 370Z to a select group of gearheads ahead of its unveiling next week at the LA Auto Show. But Nissan's worst-kept secret keeps leaking out. So in addition to a handful of teasers, a few game-play screen caps and a trio of spy shots, GTRWorld has seven pics of Nissan's newest Z car out in the open.

While the new head- and tail-lamp treatments have garnered the most attention, a few elements haven't been in clear view until now. The slight indentation in the roof matches the revised hood, while the shortened hatch and new bumper eschews the outgoing model's harsh creases for a more bulbous back end. Inside, the rear strut tower brace that seriously compromised the 350Z's trunk space has been moved just aft of the doors and everything in the engine bay looks ready for production.

[Source: GTR-World]