Updated SSC Ultimate Aero boasts 1287 hp, claimed top speed of 270 mph

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 5:51 PM

Updated SSC Ultimate Aero

Not content to rest on its laurels after taking the Guinness-verified top speed world record, SSC has revamped the Ultimate Aero for 2009 to make it more powerful, more aerodynamic, and even faster. We thought the 2008 model had plenty of horsepower with 1183 ponies underneath the hood, but SSC has increased that number to 1287 courtesy of a new one-piece billet aluminum engine block that improves structural integrity and oiling capabilities. Helping to push all that horsepower through the air is a redesigned front fascia with a new center grille opening, as well as carbon fiber louvers that feed 20% more air to the radiators. The aerodynamic changes, combined with the increased power, yield an estimated 270 mph top speed. SSC has also given the interior a thorough refresh, adding carbon fiber trim to the dash, air vents, door sills, and around the gauge cluster. A new center console features an Azentek PC Infotainment system that can process the car's onboard diagnostic system. There's no word on whether they'll attempt to best their top speed record achieved earlier this year, but we're sure SSC would like to further distance themselves from the Bugatti Veyron or the 9ff GT9.

[Source: Shelby Supercars]