ARK ReDesign unveils three-door Range Rover Sport conversion

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ARK ReDesign unveils three-door Range Rover Sport conversion

Land Rover has been threatening to build a sport-oriented three-door model for some time now. The British offroaders first whet our appetites with the Vesuvius orange Range Stormer, a 2004 show vehicle that eventually evolved into the production five-door Range Rover Sport. More recently, Land Rover has shown off the LRX, also a three-door concept, but word is that it, too, could grow an extra set of doors by the time it reaches showrooms.

Thus, the aftermarket has taken up the slack, with companies like LSE taking up the slack and building shortened, "coupified" versions of the Range Rover Sport. Now, a new UK firm called ARK ReDesign is taking up the torch, and it plans on offering its own three-door variant shortly. Official details remain slim, but ARK says they will offer to perform the door-ectomy on either a new Sport or a customer's pre-existing vehicles, whether stock or modified.

[Source: ART ReDesign]


3 Door Range Rover Sport under development by emerging UK automotive design & engineering company ARK ReDesign.

ARK ReDesign – The absolute finest in bespoke automotive engineering.

Introducing the bespoke 3 door Range Rover Sport - the product of a series of enhancements to the original vehicle and soon to be available from ARK ReDesign.

The three door variant offers an enhanced sporting look and feel and yet remains
in-keeping with the design intent of the original vehicle – being equally at home on the most challenging terrain as it is on the high street.

Initially offered to a factory level specification, the 3 door vehicles will have standard factory trim and paint options. In addition, there will also be the option to individually tailor a vehicle to meet any specific requirements (phone or email to discuss individual requirements).

ARK ReDesign also plan to offer these modifications to current Range Rover Sport owners (standard and modified vehicles).