BMW Z10 ED to tackle Audi R8

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 9:03 AM


The BMW Z10 ED -- Efficient Dynamics -- is a green supercar that's out to get the Audi R8. Tech specs are hypothesized to be a high-pressure turbocharged inline six cylinder with 400 hp that would use either a mechanical valve system or BMW's VANOS system, and run through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Along with electronic stop/start aids, there would be technology to turn exhaust gasses into electricity. With the use of plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum, the car is meant to weigh no more than 3,080 pounds.

Even though it hasn't stopped Ferrari and Lamborghini, lead BMW designer Adrian Van Hooydonk thinks it might be hard to sell the Z10 with a supercar body in a global recession. Most importantly, though, he wants the car to be a symbol of the future, and to offer an "exciting dynamic experience." We can't imagine the sketch is anything go by, unless he also wants the car to try and eat you.

[Source: Autocar]