Smart ForTwo +2 gets less tiny

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Smart ForTwo +2 gets less tiny
The Smart franchise hasn't exactly been a blockbuster financial success for Daimler. Although the diminutive city runabouts certainly have their adherents, the entire brand is widely believed to have never turned a profit. Having but a single model to sell, the Fortwo, probably isn't helping matters, but according to AutoExpress, a second model is on the way.

Tentatively dubbed "Fortwo +2," the rumored four-door will look to outperform the slow-selling ForFour, a model that only lasted for two years. The new model is expected to essentially be a stretched version of the rear-drive Fortwo, with a pair of rear-hinged demi-doors to allow access to the second row.

Despite its mechanical similarities to the current car, AutoExpress says that the ForTwo +2 probably won't reach showrooms before 2011 "at the earliest," although it's reasonable to expect both gas and diesel versions, along with a full-electric.

While AE offers no speculation as to what markets the vehicle will be available in, the U.S. would seem to be a shoe-in, as although the automaker's newly minted American arm is performing very well, the Fortwo's trademark tiny size is still seen as a purchase barrier by many buyers.

Can we have a new Smart Roadster now?