Frankfurt 2009: Peugeot BB1 Concept

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 2:53 PM

Peugeot BB1 Concept

You know what the problem with Smart cars is? Not tough enough! Regardless, meet the Peugeot BB1. Yes, it is the logical result of a one night stand between a Subaru SVX and a Peel 50. What are we talking about? We don't even know what we're looking at. Feel free to read a rational account of the Peugeot BB1 at your leisure.

OK fine -- our editor is forcing us to tell you some facts about the BB1. Four wheels for sure. And the weirdly curved glass is all tilted forward before eventually morphing into solar panels on the roof. You steer it with moto-style handle bars. No word if you can opt for a set of ape-hangers, but why on earth not? Engine? Hey – it's a concept, you don't need no stinking engine. Uh.. oh! There are tiny rear-hinged doors with even tinier roll-down windows. So now you know what happens if you allow French automotive weirdness to go unchecked.