Detroit 2010: 2011 Lincoln MKX

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 12:59 PM

2011 Lincoln MKX

The final piece of the Lincoln puzzle is here. Meet the new 2011 MKX. And yes, it does look quite a bit like the MKT. Depending on where you stand vis-a-vis the current MKX, the visual difference is either just a change, or a much needed improvement. Most of us are siding with the latter, though we fully realize that many folks simply don't like the MKT. Bottom line, it is what is.

The really story is not the exterior - it's the interior. Specifically, the MKX is the first vehicle getting Ford's all new Minority Report-inspired (no, really) MyFord Touch system. Although in this application the futuristic navigation, entertainment, climate and phone system is called MyLincoln Touch. Hey, what's in a name.

There's more inside to greet you than just MyLincoln Touch, as the MKX features vastly improved materials than not only the previous car, but all other Lincolns. We touched, we felt and please trust us - the MKX is an nice, upscale place to be. Also, they've banished buttons. Literally, there aren't any on the center stack. Instead you're treated to a series of touch sensitive sliders. George Takei would be stoked. The best part: all this inner goodness will soon be making its way across the Lincoln lineup.