Chicago 2010: DeltaWing Indycar concept

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 9:59 AM

DeltaWing Indycar concept

As we speak, the IZOD IndyCar series is looking over a number of proposals for the next generation of open-wheel racecars. One of those, the design from Dallara, has already been shown. Today at the Chicago Auto Show, DeltaWing pulled the covers off its design proposal, and the machine looks completely different from anything we've yet seen circling the Brickyard.

At first glance, a couple of interesting features jump out, not the least of which are the giant vertical rear wing and super-skinny front track. The cars also seem much longer than current Indycars, though we'd need to see the two machines next to one another to come to any real conclusions on the matter.

In any case, DeltaWing has a pretty radical design on its hands. Plus, Chip Ganassi Racing's Ben Bowlby, who formerly led design at Lola, is behind the effort