Chicago 2010: Honda Odyssey Concept

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 9:06 AM

2011 Honda Odyssey Concept

Honda just unveiled a concept version of its next-generation Oddity Odyssey minivan at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, and it was one of those rare instances where the media was actually seeing it for the first time, as God intended unveilings to be. Although billed as a concept, the 2011 Honda Odyssey Concept looks almost production ready... other than its door handles, lights and a few other details.

While the current third-generation van is the best selling minivan in America two years running, Honda decided not to play it safe with the redesign. The all-new fourth-generation Odyssey is a big departure for Honda. It's lower and wider, taking an almost Mercedes R-Class stance. Although they claim it's only one inch lower and 1.4 inches wider, it looked like a lot more than that. The 2011 Odyssey also features a "lightning bolt" lower greenhouse border that reminded us of the Nissan Quest a bit. Honda says it helps with rearward visibility.

The production version of this 2011 Honda Odyssey should be in dealerships this fall, and will likely look a lot like this concept. While no specifics were mentioned, it is said to have a V6 that will deliver slightly better fuel economy. The interior was completely blocked off so we aren't sure what they have in store for us inside, but Honda reps promised something big. One thing Honda did share was the fact that this Odyssey is all-American. From inspiration to target market, styling to assembly, this is truly a product of the U.S. of A.