Geneva 2010: Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style concept

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Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style concept

While most automakers have scaled back their auto show vehicle press introductions due to budgetary cutbacks or newfound modesty, Mercedes-Benz hasn't forgotten the value of theater. As part of its press conference today showing off several models, the Three Pointed Star kept it flashy with dancers who tubed and bungied in from the ceiling, not to mention the lights blaring debut of the SLS AMG F1 safety car with Messrs. Rosberg and Schumacher inside. Peeling back the frosting, the real focus of Benz's show is this car, the F 800 Style concept.

Said to preview the next CLS, the F 800 Style is a plug-in hybrid with a 272-horsepower gasoline-fed V6 engine. Together with the electric motor, the combination is said to be good for over 400 horsepower and incorporate an electric-only range of 18 miles. Benz also says that the F 800 Style could incorporate a fuel cell powertrain.

The five-passenger sedan looks quite tidy in person, with a shorter tapered trunk than the current CLS, and indeed, the entire concept appears smaller than the aforementioned, with a bluffer face that is said to presage the new face of Mercedes. When viewed in profile, the front looks almost Maserati GranTurismo.

In addition, the F 800 also shows a future derivation of Benz's COMAND all-in-one interior control system that includes a touchpad console. Unlike the production touchpad application in the new Audi A8, the F800 also employs a camera that "...records video images of the user's hand as it works the pad. The live image of the hand is presented in transparent form on the central display above the center console." Uh-huh.

The F 800 also features an evolution of the company's Distronic Plus system that is optimized for use in traffic jams as well as a 360-degree implementation of its Pre-Safe system that monitors for rear impacts. If it senses an impending rearward crash, the system applies the brakes to prevent the car from being pushed forward into other vehicles or pedestrians, though the driver can take control of the vehicle and override the system by hitting the accelerator should that be the safer option.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]