Audi wants your help designing its future electric vehicles

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Audi e-tron

So you think you've got what it takes to design an electric car? If so, Audi is interested in hearing from you. The company just kicked off an electric car competition that challenges people to try their hand at designing the cars of tomorrow. The competition is open to anyone with an eye for design who also knows a thing or two about electric cars. Audi officially calls the competition "The Production of Electric Automobiles," and concept ideas are currently being accepted. Unfortunately, the site is in German, making entry a wee bit more difficult, but this translated Google page will help English-only speakers out.

There are a few guidelines that must be followed in order to have chance at winning the contest, but it's pretty simple stuff. Of those who do enter before the July 31st deadline, Audi will select eight finalists to attend a workshop to perfect and resubmit their ideas. The company will then choose an overall winner in November. Bernd Griesbach, an Audi spokesperson for the event, hints at what the company expects from entrants:

We are convinced that we will receive many innovative and creative entries because the competition is a unique opportunity for young employees and potential employees. It is important that the concept can be easily implemented and demonstrates clear progress over the state of the art.

Interested? Give it a try, as there's certainly nothing to lose. If you do well enough, your design might even be implemented in future Audi products and could even land you a spot at the company. How's that for forward momentum? Follow the jump to learn more about the contest. Hat tip to Larzen!

[Source: Audi]