New Subaru Outback Includes Wi-Fi Connectivity Option

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 12:46 AM


One of the advantages of being an automotive journalist is that you can work from anywhere. I’ve written stories in press hospitality rooms (why yes, I will have another donut, thanks), hotel rooms, the passenger seat of press fleet cars and more than one relative’s couch. All you really need is a little solitude and an internet connection.

Subaru will make life easier for us road warriors in 2011, as Wi-Fi connectivity becomes a $499 dealer installed option on Outback models. Subaru will give you the first three months of coverage free, then the service will set you back $29 per month. As with any 3G service, you’re dependent upon the strength of cell tower signals. In other words, when you need it most, your internet connection will probably drop.

Subaru’s Mobile Internet system will accommodate multiple users and has a range of 150 feet from the vehicle. It’s designed to work with any Wi-Fi enabled device, so you can finally justify buying that new iPad. You don’t even have to spring for the 3G version.