2012 Ford Grand C-Max

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 4:20 PM


For a moment put aside your mom-mobile prejudgment and be ready to take a sharp look at Ford’s latest attempting at a minivan named as the C-Max, which is suspected to release at the early of 2012, the Ford C-Max, which is known as the Grand C-Max in Europe. There it is called C-Max. Both share their underpinnings with the focus of 2012, the wheelbase of this branded car is stretched by 5.5 inches & extend up to 109.8 inches. C-Max contains two sliding doors, three rows of seating, and a room for seven passengers, here is not over, there is also a turbocharged Eco Boost 4-cylinder engine in this car. The suspension of this car is superb as because the four-wheel of this car is independent. For its 1.6-liter Eco Boost 4-cylinder engine and linear brakes the car gets 178 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque.Moreover to say, which you can think at your dream for your luxurious and gorgeous car, I can blind eyed say that this car will satisfy you, more than what you dreamt.