Paris 2010: 2011 Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid greens up the place

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2011 Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid

Ever since Honda debuted the Fit hatchback, we've said that it would be a perfect vehicle to have a gasoline-electric hybrid variant. Honda didn't exactly hear us loud and clear, however. First, we got the Insight, which isn't all that great, and then came the CR-Z, which is a peculiar blend of sport and efficiency.

Other markets, however, will now get a hybrid version of the Honda Jazz, the Euro-spec Fit. It uses the same Integrated Motor Assist mild hybrid system as the Insight and CR-Z matched with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine. After making its world debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, the hybrid Jazz will go on sale in Europe in the early part of 2011.