Paris 2010: Townpod EV concept continues Nissan's obsession with car as appliance

, Posted by Sports Cars Fans at 12:01 PM

Nissan Townpod concept

Nissan has revealed its Townpod EV concept, a sort of larger, more amorphous take on the Cube and Leaf. Singularly Japanese in feel, the Townpod is intended to bridge the world of private and commercial vehicles. According to the splendiforously indulgent press release (sample: "The innovative position of the headlights also allows a coupe-esque bonnet line, not dissimilar to Nissan Z, which feeds in to a visor-like wraparound, blue tinted glass house, reminiscent of Nissan Cube, while the galls to body proportions hark back to the rat-rods of the fifties."), the Townpod targets everyone from young entrepreneurs to first-time home builders and retirees looking to turn their hobby into a paycheck.

The barn-doored concept has a bizarrely characterful and friendly looking animated marshmallow-like face, with headlamps that feature blue 'petals' that change position depending on whether they are being used as marker units or headlights. The interior is a flexible space that's designed to accept third-party storage accessories and such, and it's complete with a display that according to Nissan is designed to coordinate with the owner's PDA (who uses a PDA anymore?).

Nissan says that the Townpod has been designed as an EV, though interestingly, it actually doesn't explain the motivational technology underneath the vehicle's sheetmetal. Its mystery powerplant is seemingly appropriate for such a blank-canvas concept, of course. After all, Fran├žois Bancon, Nissan's general manager of its Exploratory and Advance Planning Department notes that the same blank-slate mindset is true of the car's intended audience: "What is more revealing is that Nissan Townpod users do not appreciate stereotypes or status symbols. For them, the ultimate status is to have no status."